Action Alert: Stop the Rockaway Pipeline! Call Your Congressperson!

The House is scheduled to vote on HR 2606 this week. This bill authorizes the construction of the Rockaway pipeline — in the exact area that has just been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. We need to stop this bill now!

Call your congressperson Tuesday morning. Tell your rep to vote NO on HR 2606. Use this link to get your congressperson’s Washington number

Tell your representative why HR 2606 is a terrible idea. Here are some of the reasons why we must stop this pipeline.

“It’s complete insanity to build a high-pressure gas pipeline and metering station in an area that has just been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, and will REGULARLY experience such events, or worse, in the decades to come. We don’t need this gas — we need to stop climate change and switch to renewables.”

“This bill permits construction of a gas pipeline in a national park – right next to a wildlife refuge that is home to a dozen endangered and threatened species; right under a public beach that is used by thousands of New Yorkers every year; and right by the largest community garden on the East Coast.”

“In the wake of the Hurricane Sandy stopping this bill is imperative. The bill authorizes construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline and metering station in an area that has just experienced major flooding and fire – and will do so again as the oceans rise because of climate change. Thousands of lives could be jeopardized in the event of another hurricane or storm surge.”

Forward this call to all of your contacts and lists. Post it on your Facebook page. Send a twitter message. Ask friends and family in every state to call and oppose this bill. (The US Congressional Twitter Address list is here. Scroll down to find your state reps.)

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