HR 2606 Passes. The Fight Goes On

Two and a half weeks ago, Hurricane Sandy hit the Rockaways full-force, with storm surges reaching as high as 14 feet. Over a hundred homes burned to the ground in Breezy Point. Power was knocked out, homes were flooded, people lost their lives.

Yesterday, Congress delivered a second blow to the Rockaways: shortly after noon, the House passed HR 2606. This is the final legislative step allowing the construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline that will carry fracked gas through Gateway National Park — the very part of our city that has been utterly devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Putting a gas pipeline and regulating station in this area is insane. Yet not a single person in Congress stood up to say no. Not a single person in Congress spoke out to defend nature and the people from this assault by Big Gas.

Our good friends and allies at Occupy the Pipeline have raised our spirits with this amazing video. Follow their lead. Make your voice heard. Call President Obama today at 202-456-1111. Give him this message loud and clear.

Stop the pipeline! Kill the bill! Veto HR 2606!

We do not have time to wait on our so-called leaders. We must become the leaders of this struggle. We must stop fracking, we must stop climate change, and we will stop this pipeline.

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