St. Patrick and the Pipeline

CARP members (the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline) came to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 2, to express our support for the indomitable spirit of Irish Americans and the resurgent strength of the people of the Rockaways, and to alert them to the proposed Rockaway Lateral Pipeline, which is now in the beginning of the Federal Energy Regulatory Process. We thank all those who so graciously took our cards and engaged with us on this very important subject.

The pipeline, if approved and built, would be trenched in from the Atlantic, underneath Riis Park and Jamaica Bay to Floyd Bennett Field, where a hazardous metering and regulatory station would be built in a historic hangar. Given the recent accidents with gas pipes, most recently on Tuesday, February 19, it’s unacceptable to us that a high-pressure pipeline is being considered on this peninsula, where people have been through enough!

Please stay in touch with us by entering your email address in “Follow Our Blog” to the right, and stay tuned for how you can participate in stopping this pipeline.

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